Tocqueville Society

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Tocqueville Society of Dane County

 Tocqueville Society

“I must say that I have seen Americans make great and real sacrifices to the public welfare, and I have noticed a hundred instances in which they hardly ever failed to lend faithful support to one another.”
-Alexis de Tocqueville
The Society is named after Alexis de Tocqueville, a French philosopher who traveled in the United States in 1831 and later wrote a detailed study of American society. He recognized, applauded and immortalized the voluntary spirit that thrives in our country.

The Tocqueville Society of Dane County was founded in 1990 with help from Jerry Hiegel and Oscar G. Mayer. In order to deepen the support and understanding of individual contributors, it recognizes the commitment to service of those who annually invest $10,000 or more in Dane County. More than 215 Dane County households contribute at this level.

An investment in the Society makes an impact equivalent to that of 40 of our average donors and is instrumental to the success of our community’s Agenda for Change. Donors are recognized for their strong involvement in the community at special events and in local and national publications.

New members can also choose to “step up” to join Tocqueville with a three-year progressive commitment: $5,000, $7,500, $10,000. These donors will be recognized as a Tocqueville donor for each year of this initial commitment and beyond.

United Way of Dane County is grateful that so many leaders in Dane County choose to make a difference by supporting our community’s Agenda for Change.

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