Born Learning

To meet the Agenda for Change goal of ensuring all children are ready to start kindergarten, United Way created the Born Learning Delegation, a diverse team of community leaders and experts in the field of early childhood. Following eight months of research and community dialogue, the Delegation has released the Born Learning Mobilization Plan, which sets a goal to improve kindergarten readiness from 58% to 75% by the year 2013. By working together, the Dane County community will have happier, healthier, school-ready children.

Download this file to see a summary of how our community will improve the lives of children over the next five years.
Download this file to read the entirety of the Born Learning Mobilization Plan.

To see a public service announcement that will help raise awareness of this important issue, download this file. To see it in Spanish, download this file.

PLAY AND LEARN: Click here to learn more about this important Born Learning strategy from United Way of Dane County.


  • Lauren Martin
  • Director Community Impact
  • (608) 246-5488


  • Michael Morgan
  • Community Leader

Vice Chair:

  • Fabiloa Hamdan
  • Joining Forces for Families