Achievement Connections

Every year in Dane County, 500 students do not graduate from high school. Youth achievement lies at the intersection of education, health and safety – issues included in our community’s Agenda for Change.

United Way convened a diverse team of community leaders and experts in the field to create a plan that will improve the immediate future for all of us. That plan is Achievement Connections.

With a goal of increasing graduation rates and academic achievement, improving habitual truancy and reducing referrals to the District Attorney, Achievement Connections Teams engage local communities to pursue four Achievement Connections strategies.

Achievement Connections is an AmeriCorps program, and subgrantee of Serve Wisconsin.

Achievement Connections Strategies

  • Increase student engagement through mentoring, volunteerism, after-school programs and improved educational techniques
  • Increase parents’ and guardians’ access to programs, support groups and services that will help them provide a foundation of support for their children
  • Increase the number of youth who receive early screening and intervention for mental health issues
  • Enroll young adults up to the age of 25 in new and existing programs that provide specific employment experience coupled with educational opportunities that lead to a diploma

If you would like to apply to be a volunteer math tutor with the Achievement Connections math tutoring program, click here. To support Achievement Connections and other initiatives that change lives in our community, contact the United Way Volunteer Center or click here to contribute to our campaign.