Volunteer Management Training Series

Registration Fee: $18.00 per session or $90.00 for the full series
Where: Anderson United Way Center
2059 Atwood Avenue
Madison, WI 53704
What’s Included?

  • Individual and group activities
  • Participant workbook and resources
  • Opportunities to network with colleagues from other organizations
  • Continental breakfast
  • Certification for completion of series

Contact: Kathy Martinson
United Way of Dane County
(608) 246-4356

Sponsored by:

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This training series, modeled on national best practices, provides the practical tools you need to create a dynamic, results-oriented volunteer program – one in which volunteers thrive, your agency excels and you can take pride. Through this training series, you will:

  •   Engage in sessions that are rich with content to help you create a dynamic, responsive and highly functional volunteer program
  •   Learn the latest in volunteer management
  •   Network with others in the field

The next Volunteer Management Training Series is currently being planned for January 2017.


Session 1 – Understanding Volunteering/Planning and Building a Solid Foundation

  •   Explore the local volunteer landscape
  •   Identify the elements of volunteer management
  •   Identify social motivators and their application
  •   Understand the importance of planning for a volunteer program
  •   Write a purpose statement for your volunteer program
  •   Determine criteria for appropriate roles for volunteers
  •   Write a volunteer position description
  •   Identify the basic tenants of risk management
  •   Identify resources needed to manage an effective volunteer program

Session 2 – Recruitment & Placement: Matching Volunteer Skills with Service Needs

  •   Describe the importance of a position description for purposes of volunteer recruitment and placement
  •   List the steps for developing and implementing a targeted recruitment strategy
  •   Craft a volunteer recruitment message that sells the benefits and shares the features
  •   Define techniques used for screening, interviewing and matching volunteers with positions

Session 3 – Training and Orientation: Achieving Service Excellence

  •   Articulate the importance of orienting and training volunteers to perform service effectively and enjoyably
  •   Describe the steps in planning volunteer orientation and training
  •   Assess volunteer training needs
  •   Develop effective volunteer training strategies

Session 4 – Supervision: Maximizing the Volunteer Experience

  •   Articulate the benefits of volunteer supervision
  •   Describe the steps of volunteer supervision
  •   List effective ways to reward and recognize volunteers
  •   Apply learning using case studies and scenarios

Session 5 – Evaluation: Improving Results Using Data and Feedback

  •   List the basic steps to conduct an evaluation
  •   Describe the three levels of evaluation
  •   Identify different evaluation methods
  •   Describe important factors to consider when reporting evaluation results

Session 6 – Sharing Your Volunteer Engagement Improvement Plans

  •   Share your action plans
  •   Learn about each others best practices
  •   Graduation/Celebration


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