Schools of Hope

As Robert’s grades slipped, so did his chances for a successful future.
When it came to academics, Robert, an eighth grader at Toki Middle School, was detached and disengaged. Over time, his teacher became concerned about the effect his outlook would have on developing critical life skills.

That’s when Robert was connected with United Way’s Schools of Hope program. Schools of Hope aligns students with a motivated tutor to help facilitate growth in reading, math and living a healthy academic life. Within just one semester of working with his tutor, Jerry, Robert showed significant signs of improvement.

Today, he’s enthusiastic about his sessions with Jerry, works well with his peers and has proudly raised his overall grade by two full letters.

$2 per pay period can* provide two hours of tutoring per week to 20 struggling middle school students—ensuring they achieve academically and graduate from high school.

*Investment calculated based on 26 pay periods per year.